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The team makes the world of social networks easier for both bloggers and subscribers. We understand the problems that prevent society from developing, and we are ready to showcase our platform right now.

Introducing bloggers and subscribers through innovative technologies. That's why we use Nfs so everyone can interact with their favourite bloggers.


Bloggers get a unique NFT tailored for them! The mascot helps to communicate with the audience in a more friendly way, conveying emotions on behalf of the brand.

In addition, the Smart donation money will have a separate and uniform mascot, which will become a key figure in the project.

Bloggers have access to tokens to place advertising tags, links and other advertising elements. Anyone can get tokens on social networks.


-The program is open to all bloggers from the YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Discord platforms who have a minimum number of subscribers as defined in the technical document.

-The following platforms are currently supported: Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Discord.

-Telegram and Tiktok will be added soon. The remaining social platforms will be integrated according to the wishes of the community.

-SDC is the original brand of Smart Donation Coin utility and is used in the following features:

-Internal currency: billing between smart Endowment market players.

-Staking: use SDC tokens to get a percentage of the revenue from the platform.

-Participant rewards: by participating in the platform's internal activities, participants can earn SDC credentials.