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Safuu Rocket

Safuu Rocket


Safuu Rocket is a project poised to overcome the market buzz as below-average projects try to manage the trend. Safuu Rocket protocol is an optimized improvement on an existing model with unique and Integrated Dynamics that offers premium to blue chip tokens in the form of an XRP with a large fanbase and support base.

Safuu rocket protocol uses automatic splitting and connecting capabilities for a more sustainable pace and remains competitive with other projects.

The Safuu Rocket team is made up of highly qualified, motivated, and ethical individuals, including marketing experts, millennials, highly trained developers, community leaders, and people working in cybersecurity. Together we have over ten years of experience in cryptography, entrepreneurship, business creation and scalability.

Defi has a new model called DeFi 3.0. This model includes: automated and proprietary liquidity, automatic combustion, automatic separation / aggregation / distribution, Treasury Development Fund, Insurance Fund to support projects, and finally diversified agriculture that continues to support a lower price limit.

The central idea of the model is to create incentives for deductibles and to create a system for passive income generation. This is more possible than ever with innovations in the automation sector, which take the lion's share of the work and effort away from investors. This model allows for automatic and manual management of price limits so that they can be continuously increased over time.

Automated liquidity is paramount in this model as it further strengthens sustainability and allows investors to freely buy and sell their tokens as they see fit. The liquidity included in the protocol, which is blocked for an exponential period, is a corruption measure to ensure that the liquidity pool is used exclusively for its intended purpose.

Our vision and why we stand out:

Our vision is a long-term, sustainable and stable project that delivers wealth for its investors. We have huge opportunities for benefits, but the first week of the Safuu rocket will ultimately determine where we need to focus our efforts on implementing and developing benefits.

We, the founders, are clearly determined and motivated to continue this project and its investors with the dedication, hard work and dedication rarely seen in encryption today. If we can somehow move the ball forward to a healthier common space in crypto and BSC, then in our eyes this is a form of success.