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METABLAZE Your Bridge To The Future

Your Bridge To The Future

METABLAZE Your Bridge To The Future

What is mblz token?

Metablaze is a blockchain-based gaming company that combines Gamefly and DeFi elements to create a synergistic ecosystem of popular Web 3 technologies. 

The game "Play to Earn" offers premium 3D graphics, exclusive content and a universe full of new worlds that can be conquered in battles between players. 

Fight face-to-face with mysterious creatures in an exciting role-playing game and fight to control the fantastic worlds of metaverse. As sales of virtual properties in Metaverse are reaching unprecedented heights, MetaBlaze plays an important role in this movement by incorporating property ownership as one part of its game strategy; virtual lands are available to buy, Rent, Sell Or tax in Metaverse.

MetaBlaze token (Mblz) is the national currency of play-to-earn gaming Metaverse. Mblz token is based on the Binance smart chain and an upcoming version will be launched on the Ethereum blockchain at the end of 2022. By Nature, MBLZ is a deflationary brand and will burn up to 48 percent of the supply.

A distinctive feature of metablaze is its diverse ecosystem, equipped with a variety of useful value-added tools. These tools are designed to work together and bring constant income to the MetaBlaze economy. The strategically designed ecosystem maximizes ease of use for both gamers and non-gamers, helping to lay a reliable foundation for optimizing scalability, long-term sustainability and value-enhancing of the metablaze token (Mblz).

 NFT 10K collection

 -10,000 Metagoblin will be released on May 8.

 -10% of all secondary royalties sales 10 grand. The 3rd quarter NFT will be distributed among the owners of MetaGoblin NFT.

- Metagoblin owners can use MBLZ tokens to participate in "Blaziverse", a simple strategy game where you can make NFT creatures work and earn rewards. Think of it as results-based betting.

Development of NFT 

- "MetaRoyal"; a very limited collection of 200 NFT generates passive income.

- These amazing pieces have gone through a meticulous creative process, each NFT being painstakingly hand carved to form a 3D rendering with the most realistic effects.

- Ownership of Metaroyal NFT provides lifetime access to the Metaverse game, and owners receive a 10% share of license revenue based on secondary + sales from all standards 

 -10 thousand NFT collections. Owners can expect up to 40,000 theft royalties a year. This offers endless passive profitability and unlimited earning opportunities.

- Then they are completely hand-painted, followed by digital transformation, a necessary step before being slapped on the blockchain.


- Bonus first stage preseason: 10% $ mblz token + NFT MetaRoyals Club (depending on deposit amount)

- NFT from METAROYALS Club: $ 10 thousand = 1 NFT; $ 25 thousand = 3 NFT; $ 50 thousand = 6 NFT; $ 100 thousand = 13 NFT

 - NFT METAROYAL's club owners will receive 10% of the royalties METABLAZE will receive from future NFT deals


Bonus second stage preseason: 5% $mblz tokens

The second stage of the preseason consists of 3 rounds until the limit is reached

The price of the second stage pre-sale is: from $ 0.000085 to $ 0.00015069 (each round increases slightly).