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3 Crypto With Small MarketCap


3 Crypto With Small MarketCap

3 Crypto With Small Market Cap

# 1-RFOX

The first  is RFOX.

I still have a lot of faith in this project; the beta version, the final version is almost finished. So Metaverse is in VR mode with NFT, embedded games. A lot of people don't know, but this project is relatively old and it's one of the most advanced Metaverse, so there might be a big Boulevard. Now he has to go out every day, which can make him a cruel pump if people realise who is stepping into the Metaverse.

At the moment, 65% of tokens are in circulation, with a market value of 86 million, which is still quite reasonable. So, x100, and to think that this token can reach an estimate of 8 billion seems entirely possible, especially when the Metaverse comes out and captures part of the community.

#2-Morpheus Network

The second project is the Morpheus Network.

The Morpheus Network is a logistics blockchain, but it is evolving. At some point they thought it was too centralised, so think about how you can decentralise it further to buy the security aspect and everything that's been done with it. You recently launched the masternod. A very good project and for me today it is completely underrated.

Interestingly, most of the tokens are already in circulation when our market value is only $ 47 million. So it's also a big game for me to do this; to see this token reach 4.7 billion doesn't seem entirely reasonable.

# 3-EverRise

The third project  is EverRise

EverRise offers a variety of solutions for distributed funding and is growing every day.

The project is moving forward, we are seeing significant results and I think this is an exciting project.

Crypto and multi-coins, and I think there may be a step to EverRise.

88 per cent of the tokens are in circulation but have a market value of just 66 million. EverRise continues to attract communities, so this project could play a big role.