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Strange Inu


strange In ($STR) is an innovative hyperdeflation token that aims to revolutionize Defi by creating its own Strange blockchain, Strange NFT, Strange Swap, Strange Metaverse and more! Aims to become one of the largest community-led projects in the multiverse with 11 upcoming use cases!


Strange Inu is confident that by creating a strong advantage in its ecosystem for its end users, it will stimulate the mood and acceptance of users, which will stimulate projects to join the strange inu ecosystem. This beneficial cycle will then create additional accountability and encourage informative decisions, resulting in a safer and stronger community where scammers and fraudsters cannot act. To create the demand and influence of Strange Inu, he initially plans to focus on building the core components of decentralized finance, namely the exchange program (Strange Swap); a compatible wallet (Strange app) and, finally, a secure blockchain with proof of stake (Strange Blockchain). Once these core components are implemented and the promotion of the strange inu ecosystem is increased with its usefulness, Strange Inu then launches its Metaverse universe, further playing the ecosystem with the strange universe and leading to further partnerships and value for the participants in its ecosystem, and we are creating many more tools in our ecosystem!


Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) Smart Contract Address;

    0x619526ebbba1e229866c3c6b22cf75 3746ee6c08

-Total supply 605 Quadrillion 

-1% Marketing ..... 3% Burn.... 4% Liquidity .... 4% Reflection

😺STRANGE INU DISTRIBUTION;      10% Private Sales      5%Team       40% Liquidity (Locked)       35% Exchanges        10% Marketing

*Private Sales 20 Private Sale Holders can only hold a maximum of not more than 0.5% of the total supply and they are allowed to withdraw 5% max each month over the period of 24 months.

*Marketing For marketing expenses Team Tokens Team tokens are only holding 5% of the total supply and are only allowed to withdraw AFTER 2 years Strange Inu Exchanges Reserved for exchanges and listings.


*STRANGE STAKING; Stake $STR tokens to start earning tokens in return! Staked $STR Tokens are held securely in the Strange Inu staking contract. As the trading pairs and trading volume increases on Strange Exchange, $STR token staking rewards will increase dramatically.

*STRANGE MERCHANDISING after years with top-down models and a lack of freedom of action for creators, decentralization allows for a fairer economy, where creators can set their own prices and keep 100% of sales.

* STRANGE SWAP is the internal decentralized exchange (DEX) of the strange in coin project. Dex works differently from centralized platforms such as Finance and Kraken, as users can exchange tokens without the need for an intermediary or counterparty.

*STRANGE NFT is a collection of 10,000 unique digital collectibles from strange NFT stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Strange NFT acts as your strange Club membership card and provides access to the membership benefits, the first of which is access to Strange Metaverse, a unique virtual world. Future areas and benefits can be unlocked by the community by activating a roadmap.