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Puli.....The Future Of Meme Tokens

 Puli.....The Future Of Meme Tokens



Combining MMORPG and P2E, NFS, betting mobile games... and a unique Puli ecosystem like no other!

Puli currently offers mobile gaming, betting, high-quality MMO role-playing game with NFT integration as well (coming soon)... The Puli team is also working on a unique type of p2e launch pad called "PuliPad" that will operate with proven partner resources.- Marketing strategies are based on …

Puli  NFS will become a key source of the entire ecosystem... where you will have stronger and stronger use cases when the technology is introduced further.

 Puli believe that encryption can be safe and interesting for everyone, and  working to create a safe haven for BSc (Binance Smart Chain) investors.

Soon, the great Puli community members will have mobile games to play and monetize, unique MMORPG games, and the option to even rent their NFT to other Puli players for profit on the P2E side (which helps build the Puli community and ecosystem together as a whole.)

In addition,  dedicated team is currently working to bring great benefits to NFT owners across the board, starting with these amazing mobile device benefits from Puli Runner..

The first special bonuses for the NFT holders are likely to be as follows:

 Puli Runner character in the game has a real NFT that you own (this will be integrated into a unique 3D simulation shortly after the mobile game's release)

- Increase revenue Game cakes with luck ; 

- Better chances of finding cookies 

- Possibility to receive double premium cookies 

- Capable of CPR x times while driving

- Continuous game updates and new levels / themes

- games without ads 

-  priority to achieving the highest level of income

- Option to rent NFT in exchange for profit sharing if the base price of all supported games increases.

Puli is about building trust in a friendly and supportive environment. The team takes feedback from the community very seriously and  strive to ensure transparency and fairness for the community (throughout the project).

In addition,  start cashing in on the mascot and various products through the  website and offer advertising opportunities (including sponsorship newsletters with increased sales!)

Achieve this quickly by using  marketing skills (where most of this revenue is given to the benefit of the owners), creating a huge loyal fan base through team acquisitions, raffles – and more.