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Muskmelon is the most fun NFT community adventure platformer combined with gameplay! 


There will be 10,000 unique 3D nfs available to trade in our gaming ecosystem.

Running Melon Running

Run Nelson Run is the first of a series of games launched on the platform hosted by NFS melon, and combines the benefits of melon tokens. The game will be released for iOS and Android stores in the 3rd quarter of 2022.

NFT's Muskmelon posted a phenomenal nearly 6,000 percent gain on registration day

Manifesto - Beyond Mars

Exciting interplanetary game allows users to create worlds with melons, other NFT and, most importantly, their imagination. Development work on the game is expected to be completed in the 4th quarter and begin at the end of 2022.  

MuskMelon is a useful brand for games with & Melon features and the NFT market!

Melons are proprietary utility brands of the muskmelon platform, used to buy game Property, Buy NFTS and other trading on stock exchanges.

Distributed token created by a community of music lovers!

Muskmelo was created by a multi-billionaire and influential figure who is currently rampaging through the economic and emerging technological landscape. Meloni has received a lot of happiness around the world thanks to its vision, work and support for new acquisitions. People around the world are now trying to follow melon as an idol and shape their lives in his reflection. Melon created mini melons and spread across different universes. Now people are going crazy with a brilliant influencer and chasing melon through these universes (mini-games). People can create their own melon avatars around the world and in space, and even put them up for auction, auction or sale on the NFT market. The melon is on the move... You're better! Get me a melon now!


Muskmelon is an anonymous person in the developer community and only works with users who have inspired and brightened muskmelon's personality and life. Nobody owns this property. platform.Vi greetings to all the people and exchange students who support this project, and together we will make this the best show of fun ever!