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Hungry Hamsters Club is one of NFT's most interesting collections at the moment. This NFT collection is designed to provide endless possibilities and interesting opportunities to explore creativity and collaboration.It goes beyond memorabilia and gives digital artists a place to showcase their work.

The NFT collection is all the rage right now as digital artists, musicians, and project managers fill the NFT space to showcase all kinds of NFT collections to their fans. For digital artists looking to join the bandwagon, platforms like Ethereum have become a starting point for anyone trading or forming an NFT. However, with NFT, transaction fees, delays and network congestion problems will become the norm, as users are discouraged by the high fees for NFT mint and trading.

Cue Solana, a blockchain network designed for scalability.

Hungry Hamsters Club is the last entrant of the Solana NFT category. This NFT collection includes 10,000 hand-drawn and generative NFT cute hamsters from all models. Hungry Hamster featuring 7 NFT features 200 unique items scattered throughout the collection. 

One more thing.

What is a hungry hamster club

The story of the hungry hamster club begins with miniature versions of hamsters that often bite more than they can chew. Every hamster is greedy and drools over any object of desire, collecting and keeping everything in its way. 

Each hungry hamster (hh) is an NFT with unique costumes, temperamental and charming quirks, and a unique visual narrative that creates an interesting NFT collecting and stamping experience.

Hungry Hamster features and tools

The NFT collection is nothing without its usefulness. Exclusive to HH, Hungry Hamster Club collectible toys are issued to HH NFT owners four times a year. Hungry Hamster Club members also get access to the NFT membership sale and get to hand over statuettes of their hungry hamster. 

As if that weren't enough, HHC Club members will also get priority access to the" Greed pool," an incubator platform and an HHC launch pad. This gives digital artists who want to launch their NFT collection easy access to seed capital and the opportunity to realise their vision by interacting with like-minded people.

In the future, hungry hamsters will be programmed to reproduce up to 100 per cent of unique mixed breeds. According to the HHC road map, this new breed is a new generation of hungry hamster, opening a new chapter for the project.


To enter the HHC startup Light List, you need to go through several processes defined by the HHC NFT project team. First, accept your SOL address for NFT stamping and follow the official announcement on HHC's social media platform. 

According to the HHC website, HH coin prices start at 2sol for private sale and 3sol for public sale. 

Solana is increasingly becoming a blockchain network for new NFT projects. Solana blockchain is designed for the rapid and efficient development of all types of distributed applications. Hungry Hamsters Club sets the pace for NFT's future