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Tools to make first million in the crypto


Tools to make first million in the crypto 

Tools to make first million in the crypto

The first law that says you have to make money does not lose it. It's important to understand everything you want to be a part of.

Where to get information on most Crypto / WEB3 projects:

The first thing you need to do, as a beginner in this industry, is to find information about every cryptocurrency you are interested in. If someone says encryption is a good project, it's worth checking the review pages for more information.

The following websites will help you get information about what cryptocurrency projects are, general offer of crypto token, project website, record and store minimum project, exchanges on which crypto token is traded, etc.




Steps more about the project

For example, go to coinmarketcap-in the top right corner you will see the search box and enter the name of the project that you just heard about.

Coinmarketcap provides a lot of information such as price, website, contract address, Exchange (s) where you can purchase project tokens, etc.

Steps to buy on a centralized exchange

Go to the central exchange, where you need an encryption code. The most popular are 4. Binance, 5.Kraken, 6.Coinbase, 7.Mexc 8.Kucoin, etc.

. Fill in the usual registration and provide the necessary information.

You don't need to perform identity verification if the amount of crypto token you want to buy is small. However, if you have a large number, you will need to do some checks on state ID cards.

Once done, you can buy through peer-to-peer or attach a card to buy on some exchanges.

Then you'll get your first encryption code.

Step by step buying in diversified exchanges

Download a distributed wallet such as Metamask or Trustwallet; you can learn how to use this wallet on YouTube.

The wallet must be supplemented with either stablecoin (e.g. USDT) or other tokens. You fund your account by buying it from a central exchange and sending it to a decentralized exchange. Or you can buy offline from a trusted partner and help them send tokens to your distributed wallet.

You can copy the address of the project agreement to CoinMarketCap or obtain it from other reliable sources. The address of your contract wallet is confidential information, so you need to make sure you get it from the most reliable sources.

Trading touls:

While you now understand the basics, you also need to understand the price movement ahead of some of the things that drive the market. : this site is full of resources not only for the crypto industry, but also for stocks, forex, etc.

Bitcoin Dominance: Bitcoin dominance shows the strength or weakness of Bitcoin compared to other cryptocurrencies. As Bitcoin's dominance increases to a point, the money available to buy other cryptocurrencies decreases. Hence the increased dominance of Bitcoin, the decline of other cryptocurrencies.

Chart Analysis Tools

Taking your trading activity to another level is a good idea that will help you make money in both the bear market (leisure time) and the bull market (running time), and you can achieve this if you know how to analyze the price action.

A suitable tool for analysis is the following: : the type of trade allows you to see a chart of most cryptocurrencies. You can't make a mistake if you know how to use it.

More tools:

- Tabtrader


Social Media Platform

Let's move on to social media platforms that put you ahead of the park. see



Participation in the launchpad

If you have a fund, you can activate pads that use your tokens for newly created projects. With Launchpad, you can get crypto tokens relatively cheaper than if they were available on the stock market.


- Polkastarter

- BSCpad



These are the tools I use at the moment, and I think I will use them for a long time to come. They can provide other tools to help us continue to build a community of successful investors and traders and ultimately increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies.